Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Christmas Presents to YOU

Merry Christmas.  I have been such a busy dog and it isn't easy when you don't have thumbs.  You know you really can't cut paper.  I used scraps to wrap the Pack's presents.  I do believe I have done an exceptional job.  I cannot tell you whats in them but, it ain't kibble

You can't imagine how hard it is to fold paper and use tape.  Good thing I have such sharp little teeth, just like a serrated knife.

HoHoHo for me!!!  I'm such a jolly little elf.......

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ferocious Dog in the Backyard...What a story!

Have I got a story to tell.  It is absolutely hair raising and you know I have a lot of hair. 

 It was Friday morning...a morning just like everyother morning.  I get up after mom gets dressed.  I don't get out of my nice warm bed too soon.  I go sit by the patio door and generally assess the situation, you know, weather, snow accumulation, potential bunnies.  I then go outside and patrol the perimeter making sure there are no breaches that I could get out.  If there is an opportunity, I'm going to take full advantage of it.

 Once I come in after barking at the dogs across the alley, the school kids and chasing the bus, I have a couple of cheerios.  Huck taught me that.  I maybe play with Frank, chase Dad, that kind of stuff before Mom leaves.  Mom picks me up to give me one last snuggle before she goes when, I look out the window over the kitchen sink.  It is usually too high for me.  What do you know there is the most ferocious looking black and white dog.  I mean this sucker is huge.  It just glares at me.  It has the biggest teeth I have every seen and the sneer on its face.  I swear I will have nightmares for months. 

Mom puts me down and I want to make one thing perfectly clear, there is only enough room for one dog in my backyard.  I growl at it in the most menancing way to show him who's boss.  Just to make sure I get my point accross I go to the patio door that is more at my level to see that he got the idea.   And he was gone.  Success!!!!!  Here's a picture Mom got before it ran off


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Oh where oh where had my Katy gone... oh where oh where can she be...
So Katy still hasn't turned up. She has been gone for over a year since have seen her. I am starting to fear the worst. I miss her a lot. Hopefully she comes home soon like mom and dad say. I mean she hasen't even posted on her blog lately I'm starting to get very worried.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yo!  KOWABUNGA DUDES AND DUDETTES!  It snowed today!  I thought snow was dead.  I haven't seen it in a long time.  Does that mean Huck will fall out of the sky too?  Anyway, here is my backyard.  It's like new again!

 You can see my path all over the place.  I really like it when I get the little snow balls stuck to me.  I bring them it for mom and dad to enjoy.  I think they love it when it melts on them.  I really enjoy sharing.
 Look at me!  I'm coming in with the snow balls.  I made them special!
 Which way are the deer?
Hey Taylor Swift you could write a Christmas Song about me. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My modeling portfolio

I have been a very busy dog!  I got my haircut on thursday which has given me a new leash ...ha ha ha that's a pun...on life.  Since I don't have all the extra fur and I'm more slippery, I have been able to get under the fence in places they never would have thought of.  I have been playing with Frank and Loofah Larry and sleeping.  Sleeping has been very important.
I have come up with my modeling portfolio tho. So here goes.
 The Regal Moi
 I like to call this one "High Alert"
 This one is the "Pensive Pup"

 This is entitled, "What Katy Misses Most"
 The "Contemplative"

The serious look
 "Getting Ready to Travel"
Me and  Loofah Larry

New York and the Ford Modeling Agency here I come!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Grudge Poop aka Where the Heck is Katy????

That Katy!  I don't know where she is or why I haven't seen her.  I AM MAD.....DOGS ARE MAD! NOT ANGRY......AND WHEN WE ARE MAD WE GRUDGE POOP!  And thats just what I did.  So Katy, you better let me know where you are.....OR ELSE!  Consider this a warning!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Dogs Get Gravy in Heaven

I honestly believe that good dogs get gravy on everything when they get to heaven.  They get it on their paws when they need to clean them, around the edge of the water bowl and on their toys.  Most of all they get in on their food.  I must be in heaven because I got it tonight on my food. 

My family had company this weekend.  Mr. Tom smokes Swisher Sweets.  Guess who also smokes Swisher Sweets?

And, I think that Frank reigns supreme in the battle for may affection!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Loofah Larry and Frank Duke it out for My Affections

Here is a delimma....I have a new buddy, Loofah Larry.  He is a really likeable guy.  He is bright yellow, so they tell me and has a great smile.  Frank is jealous.  Loofah Larry is the new guy on the block.  They have been duking it out to see who will reign supreme in my affections.  I just hope it isn't a fight to the death since I like them both. 

Stay tuned for further developments. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taylor Swift should write a song about me

I was thinking today that Taylor Swift should write a song about me.  It would be really interesting since I AM a really interesting dog.  It could go viral on the internet and she could come to my house and meet me and Frank.  BTW I did find Frank that sneaky pig. 

But, seriously can't you just hear the song now?  We could meet on the football field, fall in love, become the head cheerleader, study in the library and then get ice cream.  I really like ice cream.....wouldn't it be nice:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have been looking everywhere for Frank.  One minute he's with me having a good time....rolling around on the floor...grunting, getting slobbered on.  And then  ***POOF*** He's gone.  I don't understand it?  Where did I leave him?  Will he return??  And  What About Katy???? (Lots of emphasis with all the question marks) ((Notice I could spell emphasis))

Sunday, September 4, 2011

WFT are my people

First they take Ed away I was like okay. Then Mom, Katy, and Dad are gone and they have yet to come back. I'm starting to worry here. Especially since they left me with grandma. Not the slower moving one either, the one that walks me to death. I don't think I can handle this. I may lose my mind. Save me please!!!! I'm worried and I want my people back.

Monday, August 29, 2011

OMG Nirvana

Life is good especially when the people with the thumbs can operate a can opener.  They opened my favorite food for dinner tonight.....Nuturo Herring and Sweet Potato.  It is heaven in my bowl, Nirvana in my tummy.  It smells soooo good like rotting fish!  I just don't know if I should eat it or roll in it.  And then they always top it off with a Greenie, how lucky can a guy be?  Wonder why they give me the Greenie?
I can hardly stand the pleasure it brings me.  Good thing I'm neutered! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Favorite Places

These are some of my favorite places around the house.
My Crate. (a.k.a. my little shih tzu house) I like to sleep in and on this when my peoples aren't home and sometimes when they are but no one is napping and the sun is in my eyes.

My bed. I like to sleep here mostly at night but some times during the day.

The table on the patio. I like to sit here and guard the neighborhood. It is a good look out and gives me a boost so I can see what is going on better.

The bush by the bird feeders. I like to hide in the bush so the birds can't see me. This way I can flush them out and prove what a good bird dog I am. I need to take up Huck's duties after all.

The pillow at the end of Katy's bed. I like to lay on this at night before I move to my bed. And I move  back here at 5:30 in the morning so I can watch the door for when mom and dad wake up. I then go back to bed after they leave for work.

I have one more favorite place it is under the couch but that picture didn't turn out good. I like to hide under there because its safe and no one can get me. I also sleep under there when there is company and I've had enough.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My new background

I love my new background.  It is masculine like me even though I'm neutered.  It also symbolized my love of travel.  I love to get out of the back yard and see the world.  Sometimes, they are wise to my ways and trim my wings.  So, if you want to travel with me, my carrier is airline approved.  Just unhook my milk jug. 
big lick

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let me introduce you to Frank

Frank is my new best friend since something happened to Huck.  I'm not sure what.  But, Frank is pretty cool.  I'm not sure what color he is since I'm colored blind but, he grunts and has spots.  If you aren't colored blind, let me know what color he is.    It's awesome!  Oh, and by the way to add insult to injury, I had a bath today.  UGH!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Own Blog

Mom and Katy weren't giving me enough blog time so I decided to create my own. It will be me and Frank, the pig. I will post when they give me access to a computer which I will make them or I will lay on the keyboard. I'll be back.