Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Christmas Presents to YOU

Merry Christmas.  I have been such a busy dog and it isn't easy when you don't have thumbs.  You know you really can't cut paper.  I used scraps to wrap the Pack's presents.  I do believe I have done an exceptional job.  I cannot tell you whats in them but, it ain't kibble

You can't imagine how hard it is to fold paper and use tape.  Good thing I have such sharp little teeth, just like a serrated knife.

HoHoHo for me!!!  I'm such a jolly little elf.......

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ferocious Dog in the Backyard...What a story!

Have I got a story to tell.  It is absolutely hair raising and you know I have a lot of hair. 

 It was Friday morning...a morning just like everyother morning.  I get up after mom gets dressed.  I don't get out of my nice warm bed too soon.  I go sit by the patio door and generally assess the situation, you know, weather, snow accumulation, potential bunnies.  I then go outside and patrol the perimeter making sure there are no breaches that I could get out.  If there is an opportunity, I'm going to take full advantage of it.

 Once I come in after barking at the dogs across the alley, the school kids and chasing the bus, I have a couple of cheerios.  Huck taught me that.  I maybe play with Frank, chase Dad, that kind of stuff before Mom leaves.  Mom picks me up to give me one last snuggle before she goes when, I look out the window over the kitchen sink.  It is usually too high for me.  What do you know there is the most ferocious looking black and white dog.  I mean this sucker is huge.  It just glares at me.  It has the biggest teeth I have every seen and the sneer on its face.  I swear I will have nightmares for months. 

Mom puts me down and I want to make one thing perfectly clear, there is only enough room for one dog in my backyard.  I growl at it in the most menancing way to show him who's boss.  Just to make sure I get my point accross I go to the patio door that is more at my level to see that he got the idea.   And he was gone.  Success!!!!!  Here's a picture Mom got before it ran off