Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buster-SNOW-Honey Badger

Today we got 16 inches of snow.  The top of my head is 13 1/2 inches....that means  I could be buried alive.  Dad plowed me some paths.  Good thing otherwise where am I suppose to do my duty.  Sometimes I duty in the  basement or maybe that is my evil twin Duster. 

 I can now get closer to the birdfeeder if I don't  fall in.
 It's a high spot.
 See how close I am to the feeder?

Let me in!  I'm wet and full of snow balls.
Clean up the puddles.........But like the Honey Badger
I don't give a sh-- about snow. 

This should be Honey Buster:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buster for President

I think that if dogs ran the county it would be in much better shape than it is.  There would be a bone in every bowl.  Everyone would have a least walking a dog. 
And whats up with this Republican Primary.  Right now it looks like a "Dogs breakfast" in other words a mess that is kind of smelly.  You know what, for that matter all of the Federal Government looks like one times four trillion.  Thats Why......Buster for President.  Write me in your primary ballad under any party.  Dogs are equal opportunity poopers and things are still kind of poopy.

The only problem is that if you lie down with politicians, don't you get up with fleas? 
And I approve of this message

Thursday, February 9, 2012


What a day.  Frank has been MIA for the last week.  He wasn't under the couch or in my toy basket.  Mom went on a search and found him in his usual hiding spot, on the front window sill.  It was a good thing she found him and redeemed herself, the nasty wrench!

Let me tell you my saga.  A before picture of me:

I'm cute and hairy and warm. 
So today at 9 am, THAT WOMAN, took me to the groomers.  THE GROOMERS.......DOG HELL

 They come at you with a noisy, roaring thing that rips off your hair. They cut your nails.  They trim your face!  I love my 'tache
 They give you a bath.  Do you know how many things I have to roll in to smell the way I LIKE IT?!
 And then, AND THEN! TO TOP IT OFF.....SHAME OF SHAMES...................................

Thank god Dad came a rescued me!
I may just run away from home but, it is only suppose to be 14 FRICKIN DEGREES TOMORROW.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yes, I have decided I have a PhD.  I have worked incredible hard on this degree.  I have spent hours, hours as a Professional Hunting Dog.  I have been hunting that bunny in the back yard.  He lives under the shed.

Here am I starting to stalk it.  That rascally rabbit.  Someday that bunny butt is going to be mine. 
But what happens on a warm winter day?  The snow melts.  I kind of came in a mess.  So I had a bath...UGH!!!

Crap! And the man boarded up the bottom of the shed access.  A guy can dream. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I need a pet

I have decided I really miss the big guy.   I need a pet to call my own.  I think I need a python
They intrigue me.  I have never met a snake.  Kind of reminds me of a rawhide chew.  Imagine the fun I could have with something like that.  The colors are really cool.  And they don't shed.

Mom says, "Absolutely not, Buster.  It would eat you.  You are about the right size for a weekly lunch."
Dad says, "Why don't you get a Hamster in a ball."

I guess I'm back to the drawing board.  Oh sadness.....