Sunday, October 23, 2011

My modeling portfolio

I have been a very busy dog!  I got my haircut on thursday which has given me a new leash ...ha ha ha that's a pun...on life.  Since I don't have all the extra fur and I'm more slippery, I have been able to get under the fence in places they never would have thought of.  I have been playing with Frank and Loofah Larry and sleeping.  Sleeping has been very important.
I have come up with my modeling portfolio tho. So here goes.
 The Regal Moi
 I like to call this one "High Alert"
 This one is the "Pensive Pup"

 This is entitled, "What Katy Misses Most"
 The "Contemplative"

The serious look
 "Getting Ready to Travel"
Me and  Loofah Larry

New York and the Ford Modeling Agency here I come!

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