Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Favorite Places

These are some of my favorite places around the house.
My Crate. (a.k.a. my little shih tzu house) I like to sleep in and on this when my peoples aren't home and sometimes when they are but no one is napping and the sun is in my eyes.

My bed. I like to sleep here mostly at night but some times during the day.

The table on the patio. I like to sit here and guard the neighborhood. It is a good look out and gives me a boost so I can see what is going on better.

The bush by the bird feeders. I like to hide in the bush so the birds can't see me. This way I can flush them out and prove what a good bird dog I am. I need to take up Huck's duties after all.

The pillow at the end of Katy's bed. I like to lay on this at night before I move to my bed. And I move  back here at 5:30 in the morning so I can watch the door for when mom and dad wake up. I then go back to bed after they leave for work.

I have one more favorite place it is under the couch but that picture didn't turn out good. I like to hide under there because its safe and no one can get me. I also sleep under there when there is company and I've had enough.

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